Our services

Our primary service are certification project management of the approvals and certification projects for Danish and other companies companies within the wireless and telecommunication industry covering:

¤ R&TTE/RED (Europe) certification/DOC.
¤ FCC (USA) and IC (Canada) certification,
¤ PTCRB (USA) certification,
¤ Bluetooth SIG listing or certification,
¤ MIC (Japan) certification,
¤ ACMA (Australia) and NZ (New Zealand) approval.
¤ Railway EMC/environmental (ISO 50121-3-2/(ISO 50125-1 and IEC 61373))
¤ Heavy truck environmental (SAE J1455)
¤ EASA/FAA Aircraft TPED airworthiness qualification
¤ Off-road Automotive KBA approvals (E1 marking according to UN ECE R10)
¤ Battery safety (IEC 62133, Ed2 (Li-Ion) or IEC 60086-4 (Li-metal))
¤ Dangerous Goods certificates and shipping regulations and marking
¤ Insurance and Pension (FOP) registrations in Denmark

  1. Handling of national/regional authority certification through a large network of partners and international accredited test houses and TCB's, RCB's and NB's.
  2. Consultant service for various national regulatory requirements and certification processes worldwide: (Thailand, Dubai, Russia, Singapore, Canada, US, Europe, Brazil, Mexico etc.)
  3. Management, planning and creation of the technical documentation, DOC's, FCC/IC submission packages and approval processing.
  4. Influencing the standardization process or the interpretation of relevant standards and/or product application standards.
  5. Negotiations with partners, internationally recognized test houses and regulatory authorities.